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Many unlicensed technicians may not have adequate training, and may merely replace parts until the problem is fixed. A qualified and properly licensed technician will instead quickly use his training to find and diagnose the problem, allowing him to give a Straight Forward Price before any work is performed.

Area Plumbing hires only properly licensed and trained technicians to ensure that your installation or repair is up to local and national code requirements. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you are not satisfied with your installation or service repair we will do the job again to your satisfaction for free.


When it comes to installing new gas lines to household appliances, or making repairs to an existing gas line, use a licensed technician. Don't take any chances when dealing with natural gas. A faulty installation or repair is not only inconvenient, but dangerous. For safe, convenient gas service, installation, and repairs call Area Plumbing.


Each year, sophisticated buyers all across the country hire home inspectors to give them a clearer understanding of the condition of the home they are buying. Home buyers cannot afford to buy a home with multiple unknown problems. Today, buyers are making their decision with greater peace of mind thanks to plumbing inspections provided by Area Plumbing.

Because buying a home is the largest investment you will make in your lifetime, the cost of an inspection is a very small investment that will pay for itself over and over again. An inspection of your home will provide you with a detailed written report on the present condition of your plumbing system. Our technicians will check fixtures, examine exposed pipes and drain, sump pumps, water pressure, and check for natural gas leaks.


Using high velocity water pressure we can open blockages and at the same time clean and flush the sewer line. Aqua Bright Pipe Rejuvenation™ not only allows your sewer line to be cleaned, it also flushes all debris away. With the variety of nozzles on hand, and the experience and knowledge to use them, Area Plumbing can clean your sewer line like brand new. Aqua Bright Pipe Rejuvenation™ is the most effective way to open blockages in your sewer line. Cleaner pipes mean fewer service calls and less down time.


Take the guesswork out of sewer repairs with special video cameras that look inside pipes. We can pinpoint your problem, and recommend the most cost-effective solution for you. Our high resolution cameras record grease buildup, leaks, broken pipe and obstructions.

The Drain Vision™ camera allows us to determine whether to dig, clean or reline the pipe. This saves you time and money by quickly solving the problem and bringing in the right equipment for the job.


While there are many fun and interesting do it yourself projects, installing a water heater where gas, electric, solder, and carbon monoxide are involved is not one of them. We recommend that you rely on an experienced professional plumbing contractor. Not only will we install it correctly and back our workmanship, we have access to a full line of the highest quality water heaters with features that simply can't be found at retail centers. Our technicians will help you choose the right water heater for your application.

Some reasons to have your water heater installed by an Area Plumbing technician:

  • The size of your family matters: As a family grows, they can certainly outgrow their water heater. Our plumbers can help you plan ahead and get the most for your money.

  • When your needs change, so should your water heater: Doing some remodeling? Adding a large tub or an entire bathroom? Our plumbers have access to water heater models built exactly for these types of changes

  • Safety and your peace of mind is important: How much are you willing to pay for your safety and the safety of your family? Peace of mind is a priceless commodity that our plumbers can deliver at a very reasonable cost.

  • We stand behind our work: When you hire a plumber to do the installation, he's there to back up his work and to shoulder the responsibility that comes with the job.

  • Troubleshooting is for the professional: If you're not familiar with what causes that rattling noise, that sulfur smell, or that sudden reduction in available hot water, it's best to do the right thing first. Call Area Plumbing.

  • One call does it all: When you call Area Plumbing to install your new water heater, you'll get a complete and efficient installation. You'll get delivery and careful handling of your new water heater, proper installation, and removal of your old water heater from your home.

  • Laws governing installation: By using Area Plumbing you can be assured your water heater will be installed according to local and national code requirements for your safety.

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